Course Three: Fire Signs and Their Diseases: Frontal Lobe of the Brain

Prerequisite: Courses One and Two of the Medical Astrology track. 

COURSES III through VI can be taken in any order: These courses are based upon diseases associated with the 4 Elements (Fire-Earth-Air-Water) and the 4 Lobes of the Brain, each ruled by one of the elements. In these courses, the students will study diseases associated with the element and lobe of the brain.

  • A Disease Profile will be created with the students for each disease researched.

  • Research for the Brain is from Dr. Eric Braverman’s THE EDGE EFFECT

Schedule: Meets weekly, 6 class meetings

COURSE Three: FIRE SIGNS and Their Diseases; FRONTAL LOBE OF THE BRAIN ruling Metabolism and Body Movements

  • Fire signs indicate the energy level of the body such as with Chronic Fatigue

  • Fire signs are associated with Gall Bladder issues & Habba Syndrome; Inflammatory Diseases

  • The Frontal Lobe is associated with diseases connected with body movements such as Restless Leg Syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, ADD/ADHD plus others

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