DPL-4: Psychological Astrology

Prerequisites: This course is one of the electives for Professional Training students to become a graduate. It can be taken in any order after the completion of NAT-7. If you are not an IAA Diploma Program student, you may access this course (no homework, no exams, no credit) for a lesser price.

Course Objectives: To acquaint students with a methodology to identify specific behavior and attitudes from a birth chart. The course will also address how to direct clients’ attention to the impact of their behavior on people and situations around them.

Instructor: The instructor for this course is May Sim, a professional astrologer based in Singapore, who is a graduate of IAA. She runs an astrology academy in Singapore called Selfstrology Academy.

Background: Psychological Astrology is based on a methodology developed by May Sim that accurately identifies psychological behavior from a birth chart, with insight on the causes and back stories for how this behavior came about. It is meant to be an introduction to psychological astrology.

Format: The course rus six weeks, with weekly assignments and one exam. Each lesson runs for 1.5 hours, and students’ charts will be used as live examples for class discussion.

Classes are held weekly.

Class Meeting 1: Introduction to Psychological Astrology

Consultation considerations, the 25 Psychological Aspects (or PAs) and the Psychological Aspect Table (the PA Table) Assignment: Filling up the PA Table and identifying their own PAs

Class Meeting 2: Jupiter

Development of judgement, world view and being correct

Class Meeting 3: Saturn

Development of the need for social approval and “I’m Not Good Enough.” Assignment: Identifying and delineating Saturn PAs in their own charts

Class Meeting 4: Uranus

Development of the need for personal authenticity, individualism and freedom. Assignment: Identifying and delineating Uranus PAs in their own charts

Class Meeting 5: Neptune

Development of the saviour complex and a non-material existence. Assignment: Identifying and delineating Neptune PAs in their own charts

Class Meeting 6: Pluto

Development of transformation, survival and self-acceptance. Assignment: Identifying and delineating Pluto PAs in their own charts

* Registration for the currently running class is now closed. It will re-open for the next semester shortly. *