DPL-6: Introduction to Vedic Astrology

The purpose of this course is to provide a brief introduction to Vedic Astrology, also called Jyotish, Indian Astrology and Hindu Astrology. After these 6 two-hour lessons, the students will have a very thorough grip on the foundation of the Vedic Astrology and will be able to carry out first principles of its application.

Classes are held weekly.

Class Meeting 1: Hours 1 & 2: Foundation

A derivation and explanation of fundamental concepts Vedic Astrology derived from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, explaining the sidereal paradigm and overview of the theory of transmigration of souls.

Class Meeting 2: Hours 3 & 4: Vedic Cosmology

Derivation of all mobile and immobile indicators from Vedic philosophy, covering relevant cosmological and mythological principles. I will also introduce the Surya Chakra, a special map of the astrology chart for easier application of future techniques.

Class Meeting 3: Hours 5 & 6: Vedic Sun Signs and the Surya Chakra

Get to know the Vedic Sun signs, how gender polarity modifies their expression and locus of control for the personality, their controlling/activating energies, and their resonance to various times of the day.

Class Meeting 4: Hours 7 & 8: The Zodiac Signs

A derivation of the zodiac signs from the lunar constellational (sidereal) reference. The importance of the union between the Luminaries for the power and nourishment of the signs. An in-depth explanation of each zodiac sign covering their initial, procedural, and outcome qualities, their characteristics, places, and each sign’s blindspot.

Class Meeting 5: Hours 9 & 10: The Planets

Explaination of the functional role of the seven visible planets used in Vedic Astrology, including the two nodes of the Moon. An in-depth description of each planet’s nature, priorities, and correspondences.

Class Meeting 6: Hours 11 & 12: The Houses and the Ruler of the Ascendant

A description of the signidications of the houses, followed by the first consideration of the chart: the ruler of the Ascendant, its priorities, its agenda and its afflictions which all affect how we make decisions in life.

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