DPL-6: Introduction to Vedic Astrology

The DPL6 Introduction to Vedic Astrology course is a perfect primer for western astrologers who are seeking a traditional opening to understanding the Vedic astrological concepts and foundations in an easy-to-grasp and yet profound manner. You will have the benefit of the depth of hundreds of years of unbroken oral tradition of teachings presented to you, which will give you a rigorous and functional command of the fundamentals.

The course covers Vedic Cosmology and Scope, the Vedic Sun Sign Archetypes, the Vedic Signs, Planets, and Houses, and ends up with an investigation of the Ascendant and its Ruler – crucial in all matters of chart delineation. By the end of this Introductory Course, you will be able to grasp the main strengths and priorities in the natal chart and provide a broad level of guidance.

Six 90-minute classes, held weekly.

Class Meeting 1: Context: Vedic Cosmology

The philosophical foundation of karma and free-will, reincarnation, and the descent/ascent of the soul as a context within which the principles and techniques of Vedic astrology function and derive meaning.

Class Meeting 2: Vedic Sun Sign Archetypes

The twelve forms of the Sun associated with the zodiac signs, and basic techniques to understand the nature of this primary Light in the chart.

Class Meeting 3: The Zodiac Signs

A description of each of the zodiac signs, the differences and similarities with their western astrology counterparts. The signs as places, and various biological, natural and systemic processes impacting life. The special connections between the signs, independent of the planets.

Class Meeting 4: The Planets

A description of each of the planets used in Vedic Astrology, the differences and similarities with their western astrology counterparts. Their correspondences and natures. Their special aspects between the planets, independent of the signs.

Class Meeting 5: The Houses

A description of the houses, the special connection between angular and trinal houses, and the houses as a paradigm of time between past/fate and future/destiny.

Class Meeting 6: The Ascendant

The nature of the Ascendant, its priorities and agenda for each of the zodiac signs, and the importance of the ruler of Ascendant and how it is handled in Vedic astrology.

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