DPL-2: Astrology of Antiquity – Hellenistic Astrology I

Prerequisites: This course is open to the general public. This course is one of the electives for IAA Diploma students students to graduate. It can be taken in any order after the completion of NAT-7. If you are not an IAA Diploma Program student, you may access this course (no homework, no exams, no credit) for a lesser price.

Course Objectives: The primary content of this first of two 6-week study courses is to present a fundamental and comprehensive introduction to Hellenistic astrological philosophy and techniques. The course is open to everyone: astrology students, hobbyists and professionals.

Classes are held weekly.

Class Meeting 1: Astrology of Antiquity – History, Hellenistic Ethos and Philosophy

Plato’s contribution to the blending of the cultural past, present and future astronomical and astrological expression.

Class Meeting 2: Sect of Light: The Intangible and Tangible

The division of the “Horizontal line.” Diurnal and nocturnal disposition, planet assignment and allotments. “The Table of Opposites.”

Class Meeting 3: The Zodiac, 12 Signs

The ecliptic and the assignment of the zodiac, the collective unconscious. Images and archetypes.

Class Meeting 4: Planetary “Conditions”

Dignities, rulers/lords, exaltations, detriments and fall/depression.

Class Meeting 5: Planets:

Symbols: planetary meanings, archetypal grammatical use of language. Triplicities and the diurnal and nocturnal rulers.

Class Meeting 6: House Construct

Terrestrial correspondence, significance and meaning. The four “Pivots” and house effectiveness. Social and personal engagement and arrangements.

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