A Look at the Month Ahead: February 2021, with Diane Trimbath

Diane Trimbath

A Look at the Month Ahead: February 2021, with Diane Trimbath

Join Diane Trimbath to learn about new opportunities or “shifts of focus” in store for us each month, as she reviews the energies coming in from our sky in IAA’s monthly series, “A Look at the Month Ahead.” Find out how, when, and where these changes may influence YOUR life (based on your Sun sign).

Includes the monthly astrological forecast of significant planetary and zodiacal changes, retrogrades, alignments, and “energetic shifts” throughout the month. Also includes the New Moon chart analysis and its anticipated expression unfolding.

Learn of key dates and significant transits to watch for and how the stars may influence YOUR weeks ahead (based on your Sun sign).

Diane holds these meetings once a month, but registration for each meeting is separate — you do not need to sign up for the entire series or make any long-term commitment. Everyone is welcome, you do not need any astrological background to participate. Watch an excerpt from the January 2020 lecture, and register, below. Videos of past lectures are available on Vimeo.


Video: Excerpt from the first installment of “A Look at the Month Ahead,” with Diane Trimbath.

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Jan 30 2021


U.S. Eastern
10:15 am - 12:15 pm



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