Introduction to Astrological Magic: Practical tips for beginners

Elena Lumen, Ph.D.

Introduction to Astrological Magic: Practical tips for beginners

Astrological magic is a practice of direct engagement with planetary energies. It enables practitioners to create talismans for improvement of life or to pacify natal planetary affliction. But one other aspect of astrological magic is its healing abilities for the practitioners. In this talk, we will discuss basic principles of astrological magic as presented in Picatrix, but also explore how practice of astrological magic may be useful for spiritual practice and healing. This talk is open to astrologers beginners to advanced.

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Jul 17 2022


Eastern Time
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm




  • Elena Lumen
    Elena Lumen

    Elena Lumen, PhD, is a traditional astrologer, and life coach, with a busy consulting practice in the USA. Elena began her discovery of traditional astrology in the 1990s when she encountered writings of Jean-Baptist Morin, and later William Lilly. In 2013, she completed The Horary Astrology Practitioner Certificate with the School of Traditional Astrology.

    Elena specializes in traditional western astrology with an emphasis on horary, predictive, and electional techniques, providing consultations to a broad international clientele for over 20 years. In 2011, Elena completed her dissertation on the metaphoric and psychological value of astrology for finding meaning at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Since 2018, Elena has been teaching horary and electional astrology classes at the IAA, and prior to that at Kepler College.

    Elena’s students value her hands-on teaching style, and practical, structured, yet spiritual approach to chart analysis. Elena has been leading practice groups at IAA and other astrological schools for over 5 years.


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