The Art of Shamelessness with Alexis Duong

Alexis Duong

The Art of Shamelessness with Alexis Duong

Silver Jubilee Webinar

Shame is common in the human experience. Shame is an attempt to self-regulate one’s self-expression and to survive – but at one point is someone allowed to just simply live and breathe? Saturn is the planet of shame, and the succedent houses in one’s natal chart can show how one can cultivate a meaningful relationship with shame and shamelessness – with the 2nd House representing our current perception of self-worth, the 5th House representing shamelessness, the 8th House representing our survival tactics, and the 11th House representing how others can inform us of our worth.

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May 15 2022


Eastern Time
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm




  • Alexis Duong
    Alexis Duong
    Social Media Specialist

    Alexis has been studying astrology for 4 years, starting off her astrological studies and interactions with the astrology community with her blog on Tumblr, eventually moving to Twitter. Since then, she has studied, interacted, and worked with astrology in the context of social media. She specializes in natal astrology and mixes the modern and traditional astrological traditions. She is passionate about making astrology accessible to the masses, especially younger astrologers.

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