Weekly Practice Astrological Group – February 2022, with Elena Lumen

Elena Lumen, Ph.D.

Weekly Practice Astrological Group – February 2022, with Elena Lumen

This practice class is designed to enhance students’ practical skills and develop deeper understanding of astrological technique under the guidance of an experienced western astrologer. Students are encouraged to bring their questions or the astrological charts they are working on for the group study and discussion.

The instructor, Elena Lumen, is a traditionally trained western astrologer who specializes in horary and electional astrology. This group is open to both modern and traditional western astrologers, looking to build the skills and find deeper meaning in the astrological symbolism in a collaborative group environment. For each group we will discuss charts proposed by the students, or case studies from the instructors’ case file.

Series of three classes: February 2, 9, & 16

The lectures will be recorded, and all registrants will receive a link to the recording, whether or not they attend.

To protect privacy, the recording of this event is NOT made available to the public. Only registrants receive it. Please read our Audiovisual Release for additional privacy information.


Feb 02 2022


U.S. Eastern
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm




  • Elena Lumen
    Elena Lumen

    Elena Lumen, PhD, is a traditional astrologer, and life coach, with a busy consulting practice in the USA. Elena began her discovery of traditional astrology in the 1990s when she encountered writings of Jean-Baptist Morin, and later William Lilly. In 2013, she completed The Horary Astrology Practitioner Certificate with the School of Traditional Astrology.

    Elena specializes in traditional western astrology with an emphasis on horary, predictive, and electional techniques, providing consultations to a broad international clientele for over 20 years. In 2011, Elena completed her dissertation on the metaphoric and psychological value of astrology for finding meaning at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Since 2018, Elena has been teaching horary and electional astrology classes at the IAA, and prior to that at Kepler College.

    Elena’s students value her hands-on teaching style, and practical, structured, yet spiritual approach to chart analysis. Elena has been leading practice groups at IAA and other astrological schools for over 5 years.

    Website: http://www.illuminatingastrology.com

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