How Does Tuition Work at IAA?

IAA is an Internet school with 20+ years of history, well-recognized and well-known among astrologers. We provide a comprehensive and systematic education to prepare professional astrologers. The school is NCGR- and ISAR-associated. After graduating, you receive an IAA Diploma that qualifies you among colleagues as a professional astrologer already, and you can go directly to Level IV certification with NCGR if you wish, skipping levels 1-3.

We have 3 semesters a year: January, April, and September.

If you have a background studying astrology, you can enroll in the Natal Studies Module and proceed from NAT-1 through NAT-7.  Courses range from 9 to 12 weeks in this module.  Each class is ~$58.90*, though you cannot pay per class. You pay for each semester, or you may purchase the entire module (with a discount).  In addition to the tuition fee, there is an extra $36 at check-out for the required course book for NAT-1 through NAT-6.  There are also other required and/or recommended books and software you may need to buy, as shown on the site in the description of each course. We offer an early registration discount if you pay within the early registration dates posted on the registration page for each course.

Once you establish yourself as a dedicated student, you can work with us on payment options, but the early registration discounts do not apply. We also would love to offer scholarships, but do not presently have any. The scholarships that do come through are given to established students on the recommendations of instructors.

The Natal Studies Module is structured, and each course builds on the course before. Consequently, you take the courses consecutively, with one exception: NAT-6 is Calculations and can be taken at any time.

After finishing NAT-7, you will receive a certificate. To continue to work towards the diploma, you will have to take the five classes in the Professional Studies Module and 12 weeks of elective classes in the Diploma Module. The price for these courses is proportional to the course length; however, there is no early registration discount. The best way for you to calculate your final price is to check the classes you want to take and add up the weeks.

After reading this information, if you still have questions, please email us at We appreciate your interest in IAA.


* Price is current as of June 2020. Please check the course registration pages for current prices.