40 Days and 40 Nights: Venus Retrograde with Christina Thomas


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Did you know that Venus retrogrades for a period of approximately 40 days and 40 nights on a fairly regular basis? Does this time frame sound vaguely familiar to you? What could it mean when Venus, the planet of love, looks back? Could hindsight in relationships be relevant to these periods? If so, thank goodness. How does being born under a Venus retrograde period play out in one’s life? When a Venus retrograde transit is about to take place, what may we expect to see happening in the world and in our lives? Do patterns that Venus forms in the sky have any meaning? If so, what? Christina explores this planetary period in detail. With plenty of chart examples, it is hoped you build a better understanding of Venus retrograde periods. Umbrellas unnecessary and definitely no boat building will occur! Join Christina as she takes you under the covers to look into a world of love, beauty and romance (let’s not forget finance) to see what happens when… “The Goddess of Love looks back.”