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Astro-Diary Software

Tracking the future with past events

 Astro-Diary is an excellent program to keep track of events in your life.  The basic principle of this program is the artificial intelligence that has the ability to take your entries and project when those events are likely to occur again.

AIR Software has designed a special program where events and records from the diary can be connected and compared to the movements of celestial bodies. Sophisticated mathematics and built-in astrological models are used to find all periods when similar feelings, states of mind and body, and  events are likely to occur.

As you continue to enter events into your diary on a daily, bi weekly, or weekly basis and when you have at least a month’s worth, the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will calculate what the next week or month is likely to bring you.  Can you see the potentials with this?

Set up different categories for your entries such as, good days, bad days, relationships, news, career, love, finances, etc.  You can enter data in which you say “Today I had a severe headache”, or “I got sick”, “today my cold has improved greatly”.  Enter such information as “I had an argument with my spouse”,  “I met someone terrific!”, or  “the job offer came through”, or “I won gambling”.  The possibilities are endless.  What you enter will be the events or happenings that will be projected as future occurrences.

Your entire family can create their own diary using this program.

The program will run successfully on any PC with Windows-98, Me, Xp, Windows 2000 and RAM 32 MB at least.

It is very easy to use the Astro-Diary program. Here’s all you do:

  • record events in the diary
  • let the program choose astronomical/astrological analogies to these events
  • let the program calculate time periods related to these events
  • watch when these events might happen again in the future.

The more information you record in your diary, the more accurate the future projection will be.

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Important Note:   Remember that life is full of surprises and change.  No one can predict the future 100%.  But if you believe in the cycles of life and know that they repeat themselves, then your diary can become a very useful tool for you.  Our Astro-Diary will show you the potentials for patterns and cycles to repeat themselves. The more you use the Diary, the better you will understand yourself. We hope that it will bring you more insight and fulfillment. .   

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