Astrology and the Power of Eight with Maria Kay Simms


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This talk focuses on the significance in events of all types, “good” or “bad” (or however one might term them) of the eight so-called “hard” aspects (conjunction, 4 semi-squares, 2 squares and opposition) as “phases” — but it does not either use or have any need to use dials, nor does it use the Transneptunian planets. Only the planets Sun though Eris (including also Ceres) are used. (I am aware that there is still some resistance in the astrological community to accept Eris and Ceres as planets, but they have been since the IAU named them as such in 2006, so I have included them in my new book and I’ve also been encouraging all of our authors to include them.)

As for the main theme “Power of Eight,” I am absolutely convinced that the hard aspects are present in ALL significant events of ALL types, simply because they are the strongest aspects. They are present in the best of times, too. How we experience them in any situation is largely a matter of our own choice — and we always have the power to choose.