Astrology’s Basics: Examining the Chart’s Structure, 2nd Edition by Ena Stanley and Marcha Fox


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Astrology is often referred to as the “mother of the sciences,” because it is one of the first — if not the first — body of organized knowledge developed by humanity… Astrology is built on the entirety of human knowledge, and astrology in turn contributes back to the entirety of human knowledge.

This first course in the Professional Training Curriculum marks the beginning of a journey which you will find both challenging and rewarding. The ultimate goal of that journey is to enable you to integrate all of this diverse knowledge into a more-encompassing and unified type of understanding and wisdom.

This book is required text for all “Examining the Chart’s Structure” Students.

In this new edition, Marcha Fox, a graduate of IAA, has used her insights as a student to reorganize the final chapters to help future students better understand the material.