Astronomy & Astrology of Eclipses with Gregory Clare

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In this two- day seminar you will be introduced to the astronomy of eclipses and their timing. Additionally, you will be given information on how to use eclipses in astrological delineations.

An eclipse is a special event that aligns the two central bodies of astrology, the Sun and Moon, also known as ‘The Lights’. As they align they set in motion a series of unfolding events. These events are governed by free will or choice. How will we choose to deal with these events as they unfold?

These variable, unsettling changes are related to social consciousness. They can be found on the Crossroads, which we call the Ecliptic, the path the Sun seemingly takes across our Earthly sky. The Sun is stable. Steady as she goes. Whereas the Moon is changeable and varied criss-crossing the Sun’s path, which we know as the North and South Nodes.

Astrology, by its very nature, is a model based on astronomy. If we accept that astronomy underpins astrology, then astrology is preordained by astronomy’s very order.

Events that take place are governed by this astronomical order. The most significant of these astronomical events, Lunations and Eclipses, are a result of the union between the Lights. The holistic approach to understanding this union is the order of the solar system, governed by the Sun.

It has long been known, that life on earth is governed by the two Lights. The Sun, a yellow dwarf star, is the life giver of the solar system, and central to the philosophy of astrology.

The Moon, our nearest satellite, is the mother and regulator of earthly organic life. The Moon regulates life through the Sun’s collection, the Lunation cycle. The Sun is Spirit and its seed is offered to the Moon once a month. On a New Moon the Sun impregnates the seed of Spirit into Moon, creating physical (Part of) Fortune. Hence the Moon begins to grow and glow with seed.

These two central bodies are the essence of our natural world and it is through our understanding of them and their dynamic cooperation that we too can come close to uniting with cosmic force.

It is my view, (and I’m not alone here) that when we experience firsthand this interaction of the natural world we are awakened. This awakening, driven by Spirit, allows the senses to encapsulate these cosmic forces and thus reunite the Lots or Parts of natural order.