Dancing with Demons: The Strictly Plutonic Choreography of Squares and Oppositions with Caroline Casey


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Knowing that we strengthen whatever we resist, we are invited to step into a more intimate dance with all the inner and outer dementors. Tibetan Buddhist practice guides us to imagine a lazer beam emanating from our third eye, sizzling off the lock holding back the demons, and extending the invitation, “Come on out, you demons, no one’s as ugly as Yaman Taka, the Lord of Death. In fact, Yaman Taka, you come on out, too!” Only scary on the other side of the locked door. Squares and oppositions delineate honorable assignments we have taken on: getting illusorily estranged principles to dance together in ourselves and in the world. Squares represent an illusory estrangement brokered by the Reality Police, as a mean trick, to keep people obedient to empire. We gather with the Wrathful Dakinis, who metabolize poison, laughing and dancing as they feast on painful negativity transforming toxin into tonic. We call on the Artful Intelligence of all in myth, fairy tale, plant and fungal realms that metabolize poison.