Defending Our Universe with Marcha Fox


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Most astrologers have encountered scientists or wannabe scientists who treat us as if we are superstitious, delusional nitwits. While they say never argue with a fool because people may not be able to tell the difference, what scientific arguments can astrologers present to give these closed-minded individuals something to think about? Comparisons to quantum theory and other remaining mysteries of the unseen world will be presented to demonstrate that astrology is as feasible as blackholes and other theoretical phenomena which have little if any tangible evidence. Examples from Frijof Capra’s classic work, The Tao of Physics will demonstrate how the logical knowing associated with science and the intuitive knowing associated with mysticism are two parts of a larger whole. In the words of William James, “In psychology, physiology, and medicine, wherever a debate between the mystics and the scientifics has been once for all decided, it is the mystics who have usually proved to be right about the facts, while the scientifics had the better of it in respect to the theories.”