Encountering Resistance in the Astro-Consultational Setting by Evan Bortnick


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You don’t have to be an astrologer to encounter resistance. It’s something we experience every day; in colleagues, in friends, in lovers and, of course, in ourselves. As an energy it shows us how far we are willing to go and when enough is enough. In an astrological, consultation setting we spend a great deal of time as translators. We translate the symbolic language of astrology into laymen’s English. We describe symbols as behaviors, as thoughts, as desires and as inner motivations. Often we are describing unconscious motivations, which we, as counselors, would like to make conscious for the client. “Ay”, as the bard had Hamlet say, “there’s the rub!” Not everything we’d like to explain to the client as an inner motivation is amenable to the client’s consciousness. The loss of control and orientation which this implies .merely the fear of this loss, brings the client to, in some way, deny. We notice this in the client in the form of a rationalization, of a distraction, of anger, of interruption, etc. How we deal with this as counselors is the subject of this talk. We can all learn to improve our ability to accompany the client to a higher octave of insight. We all desire to use astrology as a road map to the resources which are buried in some of the more challenging astrological scenarios. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and insights with you all and to see ‘what dreams may come’.