Fortuna and Daimon — Part of Fortune, Part of Spirit with Colleen Coffey


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Traditional astrology was festooned with a myriad of Arabian Parts. Unfortunately only the Part of Fortune (Fortuna) has made the transition into modern astrology. It is said that this is so because Ptolemy made much of the Part of Fortune in his Tetrabiblos because “fortune” was tangible and could “prove” astrology, but he made no mention of its “soul mate” the Part of Spirit because the “spirit” is indefinable and not so easily “proved.” However, these two parts are a pair, like bread and butter, and the Sun and Moon they are meant to go together — in fact as a pair they reflect the Sun and Moon in the natal chart and together with the Ascendant they underpin the Lunation personality type. This lecture puts the Part of Spirit back into the natal chart, discusses the difference between day and night charts, and from a traditional baseline, considers the relevance and how to utilize the combined strength of these two ancient parts in modern physiological astrology.