Growing Pains Kindle Edition by Alex Trenoweth

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Adolescence is typically seen as an awkward time between childhood and adulthood; a sort of transition between more stable life stages. When safely out of adolescence, we prefer to forget this stage. We like to think that once we are fully developed physically, we are also fully formed mentally, psychologically and spiritually. Drawing on her extensive experience as an astrologer and secondary school teacher, Alex Trenoweth demonstrates the pattern of growth and development through the Jupiter and Saturn cycles during all life stages. Most importantly, she provides valuable insight and advice for anyone who wants to help the adolescents close to them navigate the treacherous waters of growing up into adulthood. Using the lives of famously successful people as examples, she shows those of us safely out of adolescence how to use the secrets of astrology to capitalise on opportunities for success as well as how to heal the hurt that comes from growing older and wiser.


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