JigSaw 2.2 – The Tutorial Version


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JigSaw features the following:

  • more than five hours of tutorials by Bernadette Brady
  • a built-in full ACS Atlas
  • the latest Swiss Ephemeris files
  • Bernadette Brady’s unique Group*Astro*Dynamics Report (see sample below)


Three programs for the price of one, JigSaw 2.2 is the complete tool for:

  • Family Patterns: Reveals the hidden links between the charts in any group
  • Rectification: Deduces birthtimes from the charts of life events
  • Research: Tabulates and graphs specified factors in research and control groups


New in Version 2.2:

  • A built-in 5.5-hour, 18-lesson instructional video by JigSaw’s brilliant co-designer Bernadette Brady, that shows you not only how to use the program’s many features, but also the theories behind them. Now you’ll be able to use the awesome power of JigSaw to the max.
  • Longitude, latitude and the latest time change info is now automatically supplied by a built-in ACS Atlas. This makes entering chart data easier than ever.
  • JigSaw 2.2 is compatible with the new Solar Fire 7 chart files. It can also export rectification events to Solar Fire 7 event lists.
  • Plus, you can now copy rectification events and research results into word-processing documents and emails. Great for communicating with clients and fellow researchers.
  • Chart calculations cover a 10,800-year timespan and have new Swiss-Ephemeris accuracy.
  • Compatible with Windows 95 and higher and also with 32 and 64 bit Windows Vista, through Windows 10.

JigSaw puts the pieces together when you’re working with any group of charts

JigSaw v.2.2 is a powerful astrological research tool designed to reveal the “big picture” in any group of charts. JigSaw v. 2.2 is divided into three sections: Family Patterns, Rectification and Research. Each section is composed of a distinct and different set of tools created for examining the astrological relationships between people and life. Jigsaw is a powerful and fun-to-use Windows™ program that enables you to find the connecting links in large or small groups of horoscopes.

Family Patterns features a first in the astrology world — a Group Astro Dynamics Report written by the renowned astrologer Bernadette Brady. Never before in the astrological world has there been a report of this kind. Discover the psychological dynamics in your family or any group. Just input three or more charts, and specify the type of group (family, social, peer, competitive or decision-making). At the click of a button, you can produce a report of up to 10 pages consisting of the following:

  • house and sign emphasis of the group
  • the prominent harmonic and midpoint patterns, complete with an analysis of any vacant points
  • Bernadette Brady’s insightful interpretations revealing the patterns of the group including what each individual contributes to the group dynamic

JigSaw comes with different sets of interpretations specifically for each type of group

The Family Patterns section also enables you to manually search for patterns within groups of charts. Once you have determined the pattern, you can click on the delineate button and produce your own profile report with interpretations. In the Display mode, you can view charts side by side in linear rather than ciruclar form. This immediately lets you see what degrees are shared by the charts.You will be absolutely thrilled with your ability to astrologically unveil the underlying purpose of any group. JigSaw’s Family Patterns module provides a fascinating way to study any human group.It can also reveal the common patterns in stock market movements, earthquakes, weather events and other groups of related charts.

Question: What is the most frequent zodiac sign of all the US President’s natal points and all their midpoints?
Answer – 233 of the positions of the natal planets and midpoints of the 43 Presidents are located in the sign of Capricorn.

How long did that take to find in Jigsaw? About 30 seconds in the Family module


Rectification can optionally be automated, to speed the work of professionals and enable beginners to deal with unknown birthtimes. You just enter the natal chart details, giving a range of possible times, and then input at least ten life events. Instantly JigSaw comes up with a list of suggested birthtimes ranked in order of the scores that they receive when tested against transits, progressions and directions. This method of graphic rectification is the one used by Bernadette Brady.

JigSaw also gives you full control to rectify manually.To help you select the most likely birthtime from the list of proposed times, it lets you recheck the life history against the suggested charts, letting you judge transits to the possible chart angles according to the type of event. As an aid to doing this, you can watch the transiting, progressed and solar-arc planets move around a chart wheel as you either click on each life event individually or move steadily through time.

Besides rectifying with transits, progressions (secondary and tertiary), and solar arc directions, you can use helio positions along with the usual geocentric.

Even when you know the birthtime, JigSaw’s rectification module is useful for tracking how a chart has responded to transits in the past. This enables you to tweak a known birth time to improve the accuracy of forecasts. Plus – since it accepts input of events even when you don’t know the exact time or date – JigSaw is the perfect place to keep a record of all your life events.

What are the most sensitive points in your chart to transits, progressions or solar arc?
Put your life events into Jigsaw’s rectification module and find out in about 10 seconds flat!

Research becomes much easier – and can actually be fun – when you do it with JigSaw. To create a research group, you can, if you wish, enter birth data directly into this program. For convenience, JigSaw2.2 now includes the complete ACS PC Atlas, and it can automatically look up the longitude, latitude and time changes for you.

Alternatively, you can import charts from Solar Fire, Blue*Star, QuickCharts, Astrolabe Reports, Nova Chartwheels, or any other program in the Nova System. You can also use charts from the chart collections sold by Astrolabe or collections like the AstroDataBank. Plus, you can import charts that are in plain ASCII text format.

For all the charts in a large database, you can easily change the zodiac (tropical or any sidereal), house system (nine, plus equal from any point), node (mean or true) or coordinate system (geo or helio).

Most important, JigSaw makes it easy to generate matched or random control groups. You can also easily separate specific charts (like all with Mars in Aries, etc.) into separate data files for further study.

The data files that you create can be of unlimited length. To each record, you can add unlimited numeric or textual data fields, and then you can use JigSaw’s Boolean logic to select or filter the records in the file.

JigSaw’s powerful Criteria Search offers an almost endless list of conditions you can search for. Just some of the possibilities include planets in signs, houses, decanates, essential dignities, declinations and azimuths.

Select any combination of criteria, and you’ll quickly get a graphic display of the results. Both bar and polar graphs let you see in a flash whether the effect is worth pursuing, and tables give you the exact figures. To get an instant chi-square evaluation, you can simply click on any part of a table or graph.

JigSaw enables you to keep a file of notes on each of your projects. You can also make high-resolution printouts of all the charts, tables, graphs and diagrams, either for a personal record or for articles and research papers. Plus, in the new 2.2 version, you can copy your research results into emails and word processing documents.

Question: What do ALL 43 Presidents of the USA have in common in their natal charts?
Answer: None of them have their natal Moon in Pisces!

How long did that take to find in Jigsaw? About 30 seconds in the Family module

JigSaw 2.2 includes the built-in ACS PC Atlas as well as the following free databases:

  • Life events for Buzz Aldrin, Cyril Fagan and Richard Nixon
  • 34 timed astronaut charts
  • 43 timed British royal family charts
  • 13 timed natal and event charts for the Kennedy family
  • 41 timed charts of U.S. presidents
  • 21 dated charts of Australian prime ministers
  • 55 dated charts of popes
  • 399 dated charts of stage and screen stars
  • 629 dated charts of published Australian poets
  • 500 worst storms, 1600-1990 CE
  • 1,600 dated charts of popular musicians
  • 1,900 rainfall records
  • 130+ prominent Australians, categorized by profession

For JigSaw FAQs and more information on the program’s features visit the website of JigSaw’s co-author, Bernadette Brady


The Authors

Bernadette Brady, MA, is an internationally known Australian astrologer, inventor of the Brady Rectification Graph and author of The Eagle and the Lark: A Textbook of Predictive Astrology (Weiser, 1992). Ms. Brady designed JigSaw to do the Graphic Rectification technique she introduced in 1983, and the family patterns research she has since done, inspired by the work of John Addey, Ruth Armstrong and Michael Harding. She also wrote the JigSaw manual, which reads much like her witty, enthusiastic lectures. She and her partner Darrelyn Gunzberg are the principals of AstroLogos which offers a four year course in astrology.

Graham Dawson has degrees in Physics and Meteorology and a Ph.D. in Oceanography. He has also worked as a professional software consultant in Australia and the U.K. Besides writing the entire JigSaw program code, Mr. Dawson collaborated with Bernadette Brady in designing the JigSaw Research Module. An esotericist and astrologer, he also designed and developed the widely acclaimed Solar Fire astrology software.


System requirements:

Chip: Pentium or better.
Drive: CD ROM.
Hard disk: 10 Mb free.
Video: VGA minimum; XGA or better recommended,
RAM: Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 – 1GB or more.

Operating System: JigSaw v. 2.2 will run on all Microsoft-supported versions of Windows. Older versions of Windows are NOT recommended.

NOTE: *** Windows 8 RT and Windows 10 S will not run JigSaw. ***

For upgrades please refer to http://alabe.com/