Juno — The Lady of Personal Power with Roderick Kidston


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This is a topic dear to Roderick Kidston’s heart. He has a different take on Juno, one which gives much greater honour and emphasis to the asteroid which is the astrological conduit for the energy of Juno, Queen of Heaven. When astrologers first started investigating the asteroids, Juno was offered almost entirely as a symbol of marriage and partnership and the issues that arise in close relationships. That’s a start, but the great lady who presides on Mount Olympus as the queen of all the gods and goddesses is about something much more fundamental than who does what in the relating game. This lecture goes deeper, into the heart of what Juno is as an astrological symbol, and as a divine archetype. It examines the deeper implications of what “goddess energy” means, what shakti is, what it means to look at the feminine principle as involved with power: real power, deep power, the power that is fundamental to all spiritual endeavour and which underpins all power in the manifest universe, come to that. Juno shows us where the true power is in the horoscope. If you want to know where your personal power is, what some of your deepest talents are — though possibly unclaimed and unexpressed, or only partially manifested — then you need to engage with Juno and make friends with this very mighty, very splendid goddess.