Karmic Connections: Chinese Relationship Astrology with Shelley Wu


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Eastern sages have known for millennia that certain souls seek each other out and are powerfully attached. What is a Karmic Connection? A Karmic Connection is a powerful psychic or tangible chemistry between two people. It is the successful “re-uniting” of spirit, mind and body with a matching, kindred and familiar soul. Learn how to spot your soul mates — the most potent of the compatibility connections and said to be connections from other times and places. Learn about the Chinese relationship trines — those signs known for their affection toward each other and like-mindedness. Confront the oppositions and combatants — those signs that repel each other due to clashes in essential disposition or locked in unseen combat with one another. Learn about the fascinating team work of our “In-Kind” connections — those two signs who team up to complete one of the 6 life “palaces” and form unions that have a strong “purpose” component. Examples will be shown and discussed of how these relationship connections and dynamics influence world leaders, celebrities and you and I alike