Location as an Agency of Growth and Healing with Andrew Smith


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Every living and non-living entity lives within a matrix of potential manifestation, woven together within a pathway of sacred geometry, held together by intention — a holographic projection onto which matter is outlined. Your life is embedded within this larger vibratory field of intelligence that is ever-changing and perpetually becoming conscious. As astrologers, we are fascinated and absorbed by time as the agency of our on-going process of change. However, your life emerges not only within the abstraction of time but also within the context of space. Consequently your life force is not simply contained within your physical body but extends across time and space as you draw into your Field people, ideas and circumstances that trigger a multitude of growth possibilities that ultimately serves to help you return to your Source. Everything and everyone we encounter throughout our lives has a purpose, serving to assist us in healing the illusion of our separation consciousness and rediscover our whole being. By expanding our frame of reference to include the world as a canvas onto which our internal process is mapped, the potential for healing and spiritual growth is immense. Literally, your internal process is global! During this talk I propose to explore how astro-locality techniques can be used to help our clients understand the multi-dimensional perspective of their growth process. Rather than using locality astrology to describe what will happen within a particular location, this talk will explore what individual and unique processes are “held” within the socio-physical matrix of location that can trigger the evolution of your consciousness, using practical examples and case studies. I hope you feel the nudge to join me on this exploration.