Nakshatras: Finding Your Best Days to Do Important Things Every Month with Julene Packer-Louis


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This is a powerful technique that is simple to use. The 27 Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology have dispositions of soft, fierce, sharp, moveable, fixed, light and swift. For instance moveable nakshatras are good for travel, changing careering or moving residence while fixed nakshatras are good for buying property, laying foundations and planting. Soft Nakshatras are good for learning the arts, romance, marriage and forming friendships; things that bring people together. Sharp Nakshatras are good for powerful, bold, brash activities and those that cause separations. So you can already see how easy it is to make sense of this. You simply look for the day when the Moon is in the Nakshatra conducive to your major monthly undertakings. I will explain this during the first part of the lecture. There is one more step – the step that is personal for you. Depending on your birth Nakshatra there will be 15 Nakshatras that are auspicious for you and 12 that are inauspicious for you. So the additional step is to then narrow down the Nakshatras that are good for the actions you are performing by selecting the ones that are auspicious for your chart. The second part of the lecture will become interactive as I explain this part. There will be a Tara Bala table in the IAA Main Public Library for you to download and bring to the lecture with you. Tara Bala means “star strength.” During the lecture you will learn how to fill yours out so you know which are your auspicious Nakshatras. To ensure there is enough time to help everyone fill out their table, please figure out the Nakshatra of your Moon ahead of time using the sidereal zodiac set for Lahiri Ayanamsha. The Nakshatras are asterisms created by the stars and therefore must use the sidereal zodiac to work properly. This technique is one step of Vedic Electional Astrology called Muhurta. There are more steps to it, but this is the most important one. If time permits I will also tell you how to incorporate the week day and the lunar day into it. Also I will tell you about free apps for your smart phone or tablet that will tell you the Nakshatra of the Moon every day, along with the time the Nakshatra changes in your location.