Not Pet Rocks – the Asteroids Rock! with Roderick Kidston


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After a flurry of activity in the 1970s and more work in the 1980s, the early efforts to investigate and interpret the asteroids flagged, then stalled, then all but disappeared from the radar. They turned from interesting new symbols into pet rocks – and anyone who remembers the 1970s remembers the pet rock marketing scam. It was the end of any real credibility for asteroids in chart interpretation. On the margins of astrology world, some people kept up their initial belief in the value of asteroids – and not just the so-called goddesses, or the Big Four. There are issues with deciding which symbols to use, and how, and in this free-wheeling talk, more a discussion than a lecture, Roderick Kidston will canvass some ideas about how to take the fear and contempt away and restore the asteroids to a worthy place. To make it easier, there will be a review of the Big Four. It’s not just about asteroid goddesses here, but about how these symbols work in a mundane sense, what sorts of personalities emerge with them, how they rock our world. Along the way we’ll inevitably talk about some other major symbols – rainbow messenger Iris, sparkling problem-solving Astraea, graceful Flora, and several more including a few asteroid gods like Hephaistos and Bacchus. This is about how including asteroids deepens and enriches chart interpretation, what kinds of magic some of the asteroids work in the growth and development of culture, and even how they can show up in politics. Ceres and the spirit and practice of democracy, Pallas and wit as well as wisdom (who knew the astrological numen was the patron of comedy?!), Juno and personal power, Vesta and death as well as life, Astraea and sparkle and synergy, and Iris and the right brain balancing act – these are the sorts of big ideas we’ll be looking at. We’ll also consider how the early asteroid discoveries connect with important movements in the Enlightenment and Romantic periods and the new awareness of women and the rights and dignity of all people, not just privileged men. We might even manage time for an asteroid cycle or two, an area of astrology which seems to have been unexplored by anyone else. If you want something new and different to think about, this could be a talk for you…