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A Special Kind of Calculation Program for In-Depth Student and Professional Use

Extra Feature: You can access Nova Chartwheels from the View Menu in Solar Fire 9

Using Nova Chartwheels for Windows ushers you into a new world of astrological computing. With its cutting edge design, technical excellence and brilliant implementation of astrological techniques, Nova Chartwheels is uniquely positioned in the astrological software marketplace. The high precision calculation routines in Nova Chartwheels are based on Robert Hand’s venerable Nova and Chartwheels programs released in the 1980s. However, everything has been updated and added to during two decades of additional work and utilizes the greater graphic possibilities available for the Windows operating system. Nova Chartwheels provides a highly interactive environment that allows you to manipulate on the screen what you previously did on paper. In short, Nova Chartwheels works the way you do – and lets you investigate a chart with ease and spontaneity.

The first difference you’ll notice is our video documentation feature. From installation through feature use, follow along with videos created by Nova Chartwheels designer Gary Christen and programmer Ray White. Nova Chartwheels allows you to cast charts using a variety of zodiacs, coordinate systems and house systems. There are also a multitude of progression rates to please even the most technical sidereal astrologer. Nova Chartwheels also offers you the ability to save time by calculating subsidiary charts along with the natal. And, tech support is available through our online forums, where you can get help and share your experiences with our staff and other Nova Chartwheels users.

There’s so much that you can do with this program… yes, there are the usual transits, progressions, returns and synastry features that you’d expect in any astrological program. But, in Nova Chartwheels, they are uniquely implemented. Want to look at a composite chart between two people? Just drag one chart into the other and, in an instant, the composite is calculated. Or, if you suddenly have the desire to look at a solar return for your client, just drag the Sun into the pointer and you’ll have it. Do that again for the following solar return and so on. Hit home and you return back to the natal chart.

If you work with midpoints and symmetrical astrology techniques, this is the program for which you have been patiently waiting. No program makes it easier to thoroughly and accurately investigate midpoint and three planet pictures. The dials in Nova Chartwheels are precise and those familiar with dial techniques can now time events with absolute accuracy.

But there’s more… Use our unique aspect inspector to look at everything that’s happening between two planets or a planet and sensitive point. You can also look at multiple coordinate systems at the touch of a button and employ other single button commands for complicated tasks. Make your own set of favorite points “faves” that can include the positions of eclipses, sensitive points in your chart, fixed stars, etc. and then upload them with the touch of a button. There’s a complete AstroPlanner that synchs with Palm Pilots and Outlook and creates a personal calendar that you can print out. And, you can associate or link other charts with one chart so that you have instant access to those charts at a moment’s notice. If this isn’t enough to set Nova Chartwheels apart from any other program, wait until you check out the client management features. Beyond keeping notes on your client, you can keep track of how much time you spend working on their chart and create an invoice. But, Nova Chartwheels’ crowning glory is its implementation of multi-media extensions. At the touch of a button, you can make an MP3 recording of your consultation to send to your clients. Or, use the video screen capture with your voice for consultation or teaching.

Solar Fire has many features that are not in Nova Chartwheels. However, with its extensive client management facility and its fast, direct way of working, Nova Chartwheels is a powerful productivity tool for busy professionals. It is also the ultimate tool for astrologers who want to get precise, concrete results through the special power of midpoints, planetary pictures and other types of astrological symmetry.

Computer Requirements

This powerful program demands the best. We recommend at least Windows 8; 1G RAM; 1200 mHz Pentium, Centron, Athlon, Duron or Sempron chip; display at least 1024×768 (1248×1024 and a 17-inch screen recommended for desktops); CD ROM drive; CD or DVD burner; microphone; and an internet connection for emailing readings and accessing program updates and forums.

Software Requirements

Nova Chartwheels will run on all Microsoft-supported versions of Windows. Older versions of Windows are NOT recommended.

*** Windows 8 RT and Windows 10 S do not run Nova Chartwheels. ***

Available in CD-ROM

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