Personal Numerology


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See the whole sweep of a lifetime

Personal Numerology delineates the numbers found in the name and birthdate. It casts light on a person’s destiny, major tasks, talents, skills and life cycles in a way that shows the whole sweep of a lifetime in a few pages. At the end, there’s a close-up view of the year, month and day numbers for any two-year period that you specify.

This expanded, completely revised Windows version has all-new introductory material, lucky numbers for each current month, optional master numbers above 22, discussions of the weekday of birth and the first vowel in the name, and two years, rather than one, of current progressed numbers. It also has a picture and discussion of theTarot card corresponding to the name-date total, and suggestions for using theTarot to carry the numerology reading further. These additions, plus a fuller, more flowing text, expand the average report to 15 or more pages.

Personal Numerology is also more customizable than ever. You can choose Pythagorean, Chaldean or your own letter-number equivalents, reduce the birthdate in 5 different ways, calculate life-cycle lengths by 3 different methods, choose when to treat Y and W as vowels, select whatever sections you want to include – and, of course, rewrite the text as you please.

Personal Numerology gives a new slant not provided by astrology, and it has special market potential because it needs no time or place of birth.

Check out a full sample report: Barack Hussein Obama (pdf)   *This file requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader  Adobe Acrobat Reader

Note: The fuzzy screen display on some systems is due to Adobe Acrobat. Try zooming to 200% while viewing, or print out the report for better quality. Even when printed these Adobe PDF files do not reproduce 100% the quality of a report freshly printed by the Astrolabe Report System. If you would like to see an actual copy before buying call us at 1-800-THE-NOVA and ask us to mail you a sample.

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Astrolabe combines great text and a beautiful presentation to provide the finest astrology and numerology reports anywhere. Create highly salable color or b&w printouts with your own choice of wheel styles, fonts, graphics and page formats …. and do all kinds of reports automatically, in a single batch. Our unique Astrolabe Report System interface allows you to choose from your stable of reports with just a few clicks of the mouse. Since each report comes with this unique interface, they can also stand alone. You can customize each report individually allowing for the greatest flexibility. You can even insert your own page(s) that can be used to describe or promote your astrological services.