Prenatal Eclipses from Obscurity to Enlightenment by Maria Kay Simms


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To eclipse is to obscure — one celestial body is hidden, or partially hidden, by another. To be eclipsed is to be hidden…or perhaps not understood. No wonder the ancients saw eclipses as omens to be feared! We now know that eclipses are neither “good” nor “bad” but, instead, denote strong emphasis. We also know that when an eclipse transits an important point in a chart, it tends to mean something significant is happening. Two eclipses, especially, one solar and one lunar, have a lifelong message for you — a message about what your soul has come into this life to demonstrate and what you have come to learn. These two are your Prenatal Eclipses, those that occurred most closely prior to your birth. The signs and houses of your prenatal eclipses can be interpreted in a spiritual sense for insight into your life purpose. In this class, you’ll see what physically happens within an eclipse and how that can be mythically related to messages and meaning imprinted on emerging souls. Learn the positions of your prenatal solar and lunar eclipse. Discover how they may be activated by transits throughout life, or how in some cases a prenatal eclipse repeated in 19-year Metonic cycle might show repeated themes relating to the long-term development of your soul purpose. Examples will be given.