Roadmap Report Writer


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A Computer Program That Prints Reports for
3 Report Writers In 1 Program

Now offer your family, friends, and clients Natal reports, Transits reports, and Progressed reports! Each report is complete by itself!
The Natal Report includes a full introduction, Planets, Houses, Signs, Aspects, Nodes and Angles.
The Transits Report covers all the transits with dates of occurrence for the time span that you select.
The full Progression Report gives all the planetary progressions and ingresses into signs and houses. Run it for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years or for a lifetime!
The full reports are in color, on-screen, and easy to print. Also print them in color if you prefer. The horoscope wheels are also in beautiful color. The booklets make wonderful gifts for all. Print a Natal chart, Natal chart with Transits, and natal chart with the progressed chart.
You can also print a Natal Chart Profiler of GOOD & BAD DAYS which show the strengths of each planet – RED indicates a stress period and Green a positive period. The stronger the color, the stronger the energies.

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