Sabian Aspect Orbs (Astrology: A Language of Life, Vol. 2) by Robert P. Blaschke

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Volume II in the Astrology: A Language of Life series is a marriage of technique and symbolism illustrating a radical new approach to aspect interpretation using the Sabian Symbols to define relationships between planets. The core premises are 1) there is no empty space in the Zodiac, meaning every aspect’s separating orb touches the next aspect’s applying orb; 2) the essential meaning of any aspect lies in its degree of angular separation and corresponding symbolism; with the planets, signs, houses and dispositors serving as agents to carry out that symbolic intent; and 3) different applying or separating orbs depict a very specific symbolic meaning for your planetary aspects, while the symbolism for the exact Zodiacal degree of any aspect helps to grasp its core purpose. Waxing and waning distinctions, applying or separating variations, and direct motion vs retrograde considerations are explained. Major, minor and esoteric aspects, along with their derivative counterparts are included.