Solar Arcs: The Sun’s Courtiers (Half-day Webinar/Workshop) with Jodie Forrest

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Over the thirty-five years that I’ve been a professional astrologer, many of my students’ most frequently asked questions have been about solar arc directions:

“How do solar arcs differ from secondary progressions? How should I talk about them in a reading? Do they really help with rectifying a birth time? There are so many techniques for interpreting the ongoing dynamic events that affect a birth chart . . . do solar arcs matter enough to mention?”

They do indeed. Their usefulness includes rectification but goes far beyond it. Like the legendary Knights of the Round Table, solar arcs are meant to serve the “King” of the chart, the Sun. Without a healthy, energized Sun, it can be more difficult for the other planets to reach their full potential, because the Sun represents your sanity, your vitality, your “executive function,” and what a psychologist would call your ego: the gravitational core of your psyche. Therefore, whatever serves the Sun can strengthen your sense of identity and boost your continuing growth into your truest, most fulfilled and thriving self.

To explore this predictive technique, bring your birth chart, with its current solar arcs if possible. (Don’t worry; there’s an easy “quick and dirty” way to calculate them without a computer.) You’ll find new ways not only to help yourself and your clients stay sane and centered in an increasingly stressful world, but also to access and develop the radiantly creative, pro-active solar energy that is everyone’s birthright.”