Symptom and the Soul: Emotional, Psychological and Physical Well-Being – a six-part series into the nature of astrology, disease and healing with Brian Clark

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One of the underlying motifs throughout our classes will be that
every symptom is an attempt to cure.
Astrological symbols will be explored from a point of view that encourages us to find meaning in our illnesses and to participate in our own healing. We will cultivate an astrological view of reading symptoms through exploring the astrology of health. Timing of illness will also be discussed in terms of transits and progressions. We will survey the astrological indications of stress and disease, reading symptoms, psychosomatic ills, ways to promote well being and how to find meaning in our illness. Our classes will honor the Chironic approach to healing, not from a fix-it perspective, but from a deeper understanding and acceptance of our illness.

Class Meeting 1: Disease and the Deity: When Illness is Divine

We will begin our healing journey going back to a time when illness was divine, thought to be sent by the gods due to our transgressions against them. At this time we meet Chiron, the healer and herbalist first introduced to us in the Iliad, Asclepius, the Greek God of Healing and Hippocrates, father of rational medicine. Then we will move forward through time to reflect on how we perceive illness in contemporary times. We will explore the archetype of Chiron, medicinal myths and contemporary practices and what they can tell us about healing

Class Meeting 2: An Astrological Perspective on Psyche and Soma

Astrology also honors the continuity of the gods and disease; however in contemporary terms we think of these gods as archetypes, resident in the unconscious. These archetypes can be personalised through astrological symbols; therefore the ancient amalgam of disease and deity is a powerful metaphor when using astrological symbolism. All planetary archetypes are significant in healing, because when their natural psychic expression is denied, compromised or insincere they are at risk of becoming expressed as a symptom, either through the body or the mind. We will astrologically explore the relationship between psyche and soma or soul and body exploring symptoms as archetypes seeking recognition introducing the planetary pantheon.

Class Meeting 3: Astrology and Healing

We will introduce astrological correspondences to health and well being with an in-depth examination of the four elements, signs, planets and houses in context of disease and health. Then we will study in more detail the houses of health and the planets starting with the Moon.

Class Meeting 4: Planetary Combinations and Disease

This class will concentrate on planetary combinations, such as major aspects and aspect patterns, to recognize potential symptoms. In recognizing the symptoms it is then possible to reflect on the underlying issues and concerns which lead to illness

Class Meeting 5: The Timing of Psychosomatic Illnesses

In this class we will reflect on the timing of illness and the healing crisis by examining transits and progressions. We will also study the Chiron, progressed Moon and Nodal cycle in context of their relationship to healing.

Class Meeting 6: Case Studies and Chart Example

We will complete our journey with some case examples; hopefully using chart cases from class participants. This class will serve as a summary and illustration of what we have learnt through our classes as well as reflect on the nature of ritual and creative work to participate with healing and wellness.