360 Degrees of Wisdom, by Lynda Hill

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In 1925, an extraordinary thing happened: two people — a clairvoyant medium and an astrologer — received messages from the world of spirit for every degree of the zodiac. These messages were channeled from a Brother of the Sabian Alchemists, astrologers who lived in Mesopotamia in the first millenium.

In 360 Degrees of Wisdom, Australian astrologer Lynda Hill introduces the first easy-to-use guide based on the 360 Symbols and their meaning. Illuminating both the concrete and mystical qualities of each Symbol, this book is full of intuitive advice. No knowledge of astrology is necessary, and unlike many astrology books, every page reveals answers for you about your life and what is happening around you. Ask a question, then pick a red card and a blue card from the specially designed pack of cards included with the book, and let the Symbols lead you to the answers you seek. More accessible than the Tarot and more relevant to modern life than the I Ching, 360 Degrees of Wisdom will help you discover a fascinating branch of astrology – and will guide you on your journey through life.