The Capricorn Stellium with Donna Cunningham


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At BDTB-2, I gave a general introduction to stelliums. However, that was a long time ago, and now the word is starting to get out that there are now more people with stelliums with an outer planet conjunction as the core than ever before. And more and more of them are coming to astrologers for answers on how to manage those combinations. Over the past 50 years, there have been a series of them, starting in Virgo and complicating one sign after another. My primary concern, and the one I’d like to address in my lecture, is the Capricorn Stellium generation in their mid-20s, born with a triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune. Millions of them were born in 1988-89, and those born in the winter months could have as many as 7 planets in Capricorn. Since the last time these three planets were conjunct was in 1307, astrologers need information on how this combination works and ways to help them use the planets’ energies in a more constructive way.