The Justice of Zeus: The Morality of the Sky God by Erin Sullivan


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Tales and horoscopes of Jupiter/Zeus in astrology and myth. Originating as a northern sky god, and absorbed into the Greek pantheon, Zeus is a primal sky-god, a war lord and a deliverer of thundering justice. His arrival in the Mediterranean/Aegean realm ended the earth-based goddess worship and the Minoan culture. Jupiter/Zeus has a ruthless side, a grandiosity and messianic fervor in some cases, and a lack of judgement and laziness in others. The worst crime, however, is hubris — when one over-extends one’s mortal limits. Zeus, then sends At�, the goddess who will “take your wits away.” We see examples of this in daily life, and particularly in public figures, politicians, messianic figures — any individual who commits this ultimate crime. We see this on a global scale now, as if Jupiter/Zeus has run amok, morphing yet another shape and name!