The Mythic Tarot Workbook Kindle Edition by Juliet Sharman-Burke

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Delve deeper into the wisdom of the Tarot with this one-of-a-kind, hands-on guide

The perfect companion to any Tarot deck, The Mythic Tarot Workbook offers a variety of card spreads and creative exercises to help readers learn more about the imagery and symbolism of each card in the deck. Understanding the nature of each card brings a deeper sense of knowledge and insight to every Tarot reading, and with this workbook as a guide, every Tarot enthusiast — whether beginning or advanced — can become a more proficient reader.

Here You Will Find:

  • Guided imagery exercises and meditations to help you concentrate
  • Suggestions for coloring and drawing so you can become more familiar with the card images
  • Seven different card spreads offering you new ways to conduct and interpret readings
  • Blank lines and pages interspersed throughout, so you can note your reactions to the cards and record the insights revealed in readings


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