The Visual Highlights of 2015 with Julene Packer-Louis


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Take a tour of the night sky with The Mountain Astrologer’s “Sky Watch” columnist and learn where and when to catch the spectacular planetary line-ups of 2015. Understand the visual concept of retrograde motion as you observe planets passing by other planets and stars in direct eastward motion, station, pass by again in retrograde westward motion, station again, and pass by a third time in direct eastward motion. Find out which occultations and eclipses are visible in your area. This lecture will examine the sky from several locations across the globe as you learn how the height of the ecliptic and therefore planetary alignments vary visually from different locales. Observe as Mercury, Venus and Mars change from evening planets to morning planets, undergoing varying periods of invisibility in between as they swing around the Sun. Find out which of the three Mercury-Mars conjunctions are visible, along with when and where to observe them. Learn when and where to locate the three Venus-Mars conjunctions in the sky. Discover all the planetary conjunctions and the spectacular stelliums of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Venus, Mars, Jupiter that await your observation in 2015. For Vedic Astrologers, I will also point out the Nakshatras of the conjunctions and stelliums to help reconnect you with the observational limb of Jyotish called Gola.