Tracking the Soul With An Astrology of Consciousness: Integrating Astrology and the Chakra System, with Joe Landwehr


As we look at the birth chart with the understanding that it is the consciousness we bring to it that makes it what it is, we enter an arena in which it becomes possible to make more meaningful choices in relation to it. Within this arena, the birth chart becomes not just a static description of who we are, but a pathway to healing, personal growth, and spiritual evolution – one that is specific to each of us. The chakra system is, for those who have explored it, an elegant way to understand consciousness as a motivational framework in which choices are made and life takes a particular shape reflective of our attitude toward it, the work we have done to heal our core wounds, and what we have learned as we have met specific challenges on our paths. In this lecture, Joe describes how an understanding of the chakra system and its interplay throughout the birth chart can help us use it more intentionally as a template for the soul’s journey toward Wholeness.