Transits in Early Youth and Youth Until Puberty: How Your Sensitivity and Circumstances in Early Youth Can Influence Your Adult Life with Karen Hamaker-Zondag


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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can transit important planets and points when we are very young. That does not mean that something must happen, although things could happen. Transits first and for all emphasize the issues you are sensitive of during that transit, so if even a minor thing happens in line with the meaning of the transit, you will sense the impact much more than without that transit. And the psychological impact of these events can create an unconscious though powerful basis for your actions later in life. If politicians are not enough aware of how early youth could have programmed them, their political decisions will be in line with those unconscious programs. The same is true, though in a different way, for transits until puberty. We will look in-depth in an example to illustrate the dynamics.