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Personal Chart Reports

IAA currently offers 5 different personal chart reports. To begin ordering, click the button beside the type of report you would like to order below.

Delivery information: Chart reports are delivered via e-mail only. You will be asked to specify a valid e-mail address for delivery when you are ordering. You can specify a different e-mail address for each report, if you like. Reports are delivered as .pdf files, which you can open and view or print with the free Adobe Reader program.

Important: When ordering a report, you will need to provide the date, time (if known), and place of birth for each person for whom a report is ordered. If you do not know the precise time of birth, you can leave it blank, but the report will be somewhat less detailed than it would be otherwise. Please note that we are not responsible for errors caused because you entered incorrect birth data.

Professional Natal Report Price: $25.00
You will love reading all about yourself in our new birth chart report. Even your minor aspects and lunar nodes are delineated in full, rich detail, making this an awesomely complete report. Steve Blake's friendly, literate readings help you know and accept your individual strengths and weaknesses, and suggest constructive ways for using your own particular qualities. Each section of the report explains key astrological ideas, making this report understandable to all. About 20 pages. Specify birth date, time and place.

Professional Forecaster: Yearly Transits Price: $25.00
Bruce Scofield's interpretations are full of practical wisdom to help you understand the major themes and issues that you'll to encounter during the year. This report includes nine types of major and minor aspects from the important slower-moving outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus the lunar Node. It also includes the entry of these points into new houses. Reports average about 10 pages per year. In addition, there's a copy of your birth chart, and handy list of transits arranged in order of importance. Specify birth date, time, and place.

Optimum Child Report Price: $25.00
Gloria Star's Optimum Child report details the needs and potentials of any child from infancy through teen years. Written in a chatty, easy-to-read style, each 20-25 page report covers the child's personality type, how to promote intellectual and physical development, how to understand the child's unique emotional makeup, and how best to foster his or her creativity and spirituality. An ideal gift for new parents as well as a rich source of ideas and strategies for any parent or teacher. Specify birth date, time and place.

Personal Numerology Report Price: $20.00
We'll calculate and explain your personal numbers for motivation, impression, expression, karma, subconscious response, destiny, life cycles, turning points and major and minor challenges. Our newly revised text includes career suggestions, tarot significator, and much more! You also get a year's forecast and lucky numbers. Send us your full name as given at birth, plus your full date of birth.

EroScope Report Price: $25.00
This naughty and tantalizing report is an insightful delineation of one's lovemaking style and sexual needs. You'll learn about everything from "Your Animal Skin" (your Ascendant), to the Sun (your vital and energetic glow), Moon (that swirling tropical cocktail of milky needs), to Pluto's scalding cauldron of death and rebirth -- and you'll take in all kinds of kinky and spirited suggestions for ways to have fun and challenge your boundaries. Prints out to about 25 pages. Specify birth date, time and place.

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