Course One: Introduction to Medical Astrology

Prerequisites: General Knowledge of Astrology

Schedule: Meets weekly, 6 class meetings

This course is based upon original research into medical astrology. The foundation of the technique is that the root of all illness is 1) based upon the Quadruplicities (Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable) and 2) Repressed Childhood Traumas.

The course will discuss the illnesses connected with the Quadruplicities, health issues connected with the Houses, Sign Combinations, and the Planets.

Chiron, Ceres, Transpluto, Hygeia, Eris and Astarea will be discussed in connection with health issues. The astro-carto-graphy of Chiron will be discussed. This represents a healing area in the life. There will be some discussion of Beginning Planets and Out of Bounds Planets.

The technique for determining childhood trauma periods in the life will be taught in each class. When a trauma is unexpressed, it represents a seed that can manifest in later life as an illness with a similar trauma occurs. The psychological profile of illnesses will be taught, using the charts provided by the students.

Each student will provide the data for a subject with a specific health issue. This will be researched and a profile created. Your instructor will type up the profile but the student is expected to interview the subject and determine the timing of the onset of the illness. The onset period, starting 2 years before the symptoms manifest, will be important in determining the psychological factors involved in the illness.

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