IAA Website Terms and Conditions

Tuition and Fees

When you register for a course at IAA, you are charged a single amount which is composed of several parts:

  • Tuition Fee: This is the portion of your payment which is directly payable for your course. It is calculated based on the number of weeks in the course. Most of this fee is paid to the instructor.
  • Administrative Fee: An administrative fee of 18% of the tuition fee is added to your payment. This fee helps to pay for IAA’s costs and overhead in maintaining the website, managing courses and registrations, and so forth.
  • Course Ebook Fee: Several of the Natal Studies Module courses have an ebook which is required for the course. When you register for one of these courses, the cost for this ebook is added to your payment. The course description pages inform you when you will be charged for the ebook.

These fees, added together, make up the total cost that you are charged at registration. In limited circumstances, refunds of payments are available. When they are issued, refunds are of the tuition portion only of the total payment. Payments of the administrative fee and the course ebook fee are always non-refundable.

Tuition Refund Policy

After a student has registered for a course, tuition refunds for withdrawals will be issued in accordance with the following schedule:

  • From the time of registration until two weeks before the first scheduled class session: 100% refund of the tuition portion of the payment.
  • From two weeks before the first scheduled class session until 24 hours after the first scheduled class session: 60% refund of the tuition portion of the payment.
  • After 24 hours after the first scheduled class session: No refund, except in extraordinary circumstances*.

Refunds are made based on the tuition portion of the payment only. Portions of the payment applicable to the administrative fee and (where relevant) to the course ebook are non-refundable.

* “Extraordinary circumstances” are serious unforeseen personal situations beyond your control, which preclude your taking the course for which you registered. Granting of a refund in such situations is decided on a case-by-case basis by the IAA President, whose decision is final. If you believe you qualify for such a refund, please e-mail cfo@astrocollege.org to discuss your situation.

Audiovisual Recordings

All courses are recorded, and the audiovisual recordings of some of them are made public. By registering for such a course, you agree to our Audiovisual Release.

Courses for Children

If you are enrolling your child in one of our astrology courses for children, the terms and conditions for children’s courses also apply.


If you have a problem with a book or recording that is sold directly by IAA, please contact support@astrocollege.org.

If your order was with Amazon through our shopping area, please contact that distributor directly.

If you have a problem with a classmate, please inform the instructor so he/she can determine appropriate action to remedy the situation. If things cannot be worked out by the instructor, you may contact the Education Director.

If you experience a problem between yourself and an instructor that is not being resolved, you can contact the Education Director or, if your problem is still unresolved you may contact the CEO. We always want you to feel supported and we will do our best to resolve the situation amiably.