Astrology: Department for Specialized Training: Medical Astrology Track

Medical Astrology CoursesMedical astrologer and researcher Lynn Koiner developed and teaches the IAA’s Medical Astrology Track. She states:

“The foundation of my research since the 1960s has been the psychological patterns found in most major diseases. In changing the psychological pattern, a remission and healing can be better achieved.

“In the 1970s, I consulted the Edgar Cayce readings to determine the root cause of many health issues. This is essential to determine the astrological rulerships.

“As your instructor, I am available to answer all questions privately for the duration of each course. Some students are afraid that their question might be “dumb” – there are never any dumb questions.

“There are seven courses required for certification. Course 7 is a thesis course whereby the individual researches a specific disease of their choice.”

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