Astrology: Master Classes: Medical Astrology Track

Medical Astrology CoursesThe Medical Astrology Track taught by Lynn Koiner is separate from IAA’s astrology training and certifications.  It is still taught live, as all IAA courses, using the GoToMeeting platform.  Once you register for a class in the department, you will receive email receipts with the GTM link you will need for your classes that semester.  Keep track of it, and enjoy the courses.

Medical astrologer and researcher Lynn Koiner developed and teaches the IAA’s Medical Astrology Track. She states:

“The foundation of my research since the 1960s has been the psychological patterns found in most major diseases. In changing the psychological pattern, a remission and healing can be better achieved.

“In the 1970s, I consulted the Edgar Cayce readings to determine the root cause of many health issues. This is essential to determine the astrological rulerships.

“As your instructor, I am available to answer all questions privately for the duration of each course. Some students are afraid that their question might be “dumb” – there are never any dumb questions.

“There are seven courses required for certification. Course 7 is a thesis course whereby the individual researches a specific disease of their choice.”

A student can take the courses for a certificate or non-certificate. For a certificate the student will be expected to provide a chart and interview, submit homework and take the final exam. If a student chooses not to do this, there will be no certificate in the Medical Astrology Track.

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