Terms and Conditions: Children’s Courses

These policies apply specifically to our courses for children, and are intended to facilitate a welcoming and productive learning experience for all. In addition, all other IAA Terms and Conditions apply as well. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


The learning in the course is interactive. The timeline is very short. Therefore, full attendance is vital. If you miss a class, your portfolio will be less complete. If you must miss a class, contact the teacher to discuss options.

Class behavior:

The teacher will model and expect mutual respect for one another. In our short time together, we will conduct ourselves with kindness and consideration. Online etiquette is expected: be present; be muted unless called on or otherwise instructed; avoid distracting behaviors (face or other objects up close, general silliness, playing with background…)

Inability to maintain these expectations demonstrates that the child is not ready for this course.


Students will participate within their ability with all activities. Parents can facilitate their child’s participation and ability to adhere to behavior guidelines by being present for the first 2 or 3 classes and reinforcing teacher’s expectations.