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Welcome to the International Academy of Astrology, the oldest online astrology school. We offer classes, workshops, and lectures with real instructors covering every level of astrological education. At IAA you can:

  • Attend class from anywhere – all classes are taught online
  • Learn how to read an astrological chart
  • Study with some of the world’s leading astrologers
  • Become a certified professional astrologer, recognized by national and international organizations
  • Open a professional astrology practice
  • Refine your skills through specialized courses
  • Cursos de Astrología en Español


Registration Is Now Open!

Registration for the fifth Breaking Down the Borders online astrology conference is now open. Visit astrologyconference.org to view the schedule and register to see your favorite speakers.

BDTB-5 follows the usual BDTB format of 48 speakers from all over the world, live over 3 days. But this year’s conference adds a brand-new feature of live simulcasts in real time. In addition to the main 48 lectures, we will simulcast 13 live seminars from venues Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Turkey, Portugal, Singapore, Poland, and Mexico.

Early-bird pricing of $20 per lecture lasts only until April 30th, so register now for the best price.



A Look at the Month Ahead: A Monthly Series with Diane Trimbath

Diane Trimbath

Diane Trimbath

Join Diane Trimbath to learn about new opportunities or “shifts of focus” in store for us each month, as she reviews the energies coming in from our sky in IAA’s new monthly series, “A Look at the Month Ahead.” Find out how, when, and where these changes may influence YOUR life (based on your Sun sign). Diane will be holding these meetings once a month, but registration for each meeting is separate — you do not need to sign up for the entire series or make any long-term commitment. Everyone is welcome, you do not need any astrological background to participate. Visit the registration page to see the scheduled dates. The next meeting is Saturday, April 4th. Watch an excerpt from the January 2020 lecture below, or view other recent videos here.


Video: Excerpt from the first installment of “A Look at the Month Ahead,” with Diane Trimbath.


Become a Professional Astrologer!

IAA’s Department of Professional Training provides you with a comprehensive education in the practice of astrology. Upon completion of the program, you receive a diploma from IAA, and you are eligible to receive professional certification from a number of international astrological organizations.

Find more information here, or enroll in the program here.


Registration for Spring Semester is now open.

Most classes begin in April 2020. Many classes in the Professional Training Department are also available to audit. When offered, you can audit a class for a lower tuition fee if you do not require the class for credit to graduate. When you audit a class, you are not required to do homework or pass any exams, but you also will not receive any credit. Use the correct link to register, depending on whether you need the credit or not. Not all classes offer the audit option.

Regular Monthly Webinars and Pocket Courses are always open to everyone.

Department of Professional Training – Natal Studies Module:

NAT-1: Foundations in Astrology
NAT-2: The Planets
NAT-3: Deepening Planetary Delineation
NAT-4: Aspects and Disposition
NAT-5: Astronomy and Other Bodies
NAT-6: Calculations
NAT-7: Chart Synthesis

Department of Professional Training – Professional Studies Module

PSM-1/2: Forecasting: Pinpointing Major Themes; Timing Techniques and Consultation
PSM-3: Relationship Astrology (or audit this course)

Department of Professional Training – IAA Diploma Module

DPL-1: Introduction to Chinese Metaphysics (or audit this course)
DPL-2: Astrology of Antiquity – Hellenistic Astrology I (or audit this course)
DPL-3: Psychological Astrology (or audit this course)
DPL-4: Introduction to Horary Astrology (or audit this course)
DPL-6: Introduction to Vedic Astrology (or audit this course)
DPL-7: Classical Medical Astrology (or audit this course)
DPL-9: Introduction to Electional Astrology (or audit this course)
DPL-10: Rectification Basics (or audit this course)

Departamento de Enseñanza en el Idioma Español


Regular Monthly Webinars (open to everyone):

A Look at the Month Ahead
Horary/Electional Astrology Practicum

Pocket Courses (open to everyone):

Introduction to Medical Astrology
Rectification Basics Lab: A Practicum
Astrology, History, and Culture: Middle Ages to Modern Astrology (begins 11 February 2020)

Video: Joseph Crane talks about his course, “Astrology, History, and Culture.”


Video: Jodie Forrest talks about her course, “Rectification Basics.”


Cursos de Astrología en Español:

Vídeo: Cursos de astrología en español en IAA

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IAA Astrology Courses on Video

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Refine your astrological knowledge completely on your own schedule, without the necessity of attending live classes, with IAA’s collection of video-based courses. These courses consist of anywhere from one to six classes and are taught by experts in the field. Learn horary astrology, electional astrology, astronomy, and a variety of other specialized topics. See the complete selection here.