Astrology: Master Classes: Vedic Astrology Track

Prerequisite: DPL-6: Intro to Vedic Astrology

The Diploma elective in Vedic Astrology (DPL-6) introduced the student to the foundational concepts underlying many of the techniques that are further developed and deepened in this course, which features a lot more chart interpretation and analysis.

The Vedic Astrology Track further develops foundational concepts in Vedic Astrology, building a holistic understanding of the karmic map of a birth chart layer by layer.

The first course covers Vedic cosmology and scope, the Vedic zodiac signs, the planets, houses, planetary aspects, and ends with an investigation of the ascendant and its ruler – crucial in all matters of chart delineation.

The second course covers predictive strategies, including timing systems based on houses, solar movement, AND natural timing. It will also give proper context to know when to use what timing system. It will end with an introduction to the Navāmśa or the Chart of Destiny. 

By the end of this training, you will be able to identify the type of soulful energy and intention necessary for self-actualization and the core karmic patterns affecting major relations with others in life, to map the brain using the birth chart to assess critical skills and their timing, and to explore in depth all the conditionings and thought-patterns that influence the decision-making process, from preferences to decision time as well as the results, and to show the timing of all of these activations.

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