Taking Care of Business – Part 1: Building a Personal Foundation for Your Astrology Career

Six class meetings

Running your own business requires more than a cursory knowledge of who you are because your business is you. This six-week course explores all the nooks and crannies of who you are, why you want to be a professional astrologer, your vision for your future, your values, and more.

Week 1: Who are you and why do you want to be a professional astrologer? Exploring your strengths, your challenges, your insecurities. All part of building a strong personal foundation on which your business will rest.

Week 2: More exploration of Week 1 topics within the context of each participant’s natal chart.

Week 3: What is my vision for my future as a professional astrologer. How do I see this working in my life? Does it fit into my current reality? Have I taken any steps to initiate my life as professional astrologer? Impostor syndrome.

Week 4: What are the three to five most important values in my life? Do I know how to value myself? Do I see any conflict between what I value and where I want to go as a professional astrologer?

Week 5: Do I think I am ready or are there other things I need to add to my tool kit before I can step out into the world as a professional astrologer? Are there any hurdles in my external world that might get in the way?

Week 6: Do I have a support system, personally and professionally? What can I do to continue to build a stronger personal and professional image of myself going forward.

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