NAT-3: Deepening Planetary Delineation

Prerequisite: Students must have completed NAT-1, NAT-2.

Course Description: Each course builds on the one before and you as you go from one course to another, you will not only continue to master particular techniques, but you will gain a broader view of astrological concepts. Building upon the techniques learned in NAT-1 and NAT-2 this course teaches the delineation of the planets, angles and Nodes. Introduces retrogression, synodic cycles, and explains house systems.

Classes are held weekly.

Class Meeting 1: Planets in Signs

Class Meeting 2: Planets in a Sign & House

Class Meeting 3: Planets as House Rulers

Class Meeting 4: The Ascendant, Midheaven & Nodes

Class Meeting 5: Retrogrades & Synodic Cycles

Class Meeting 6: House Systems

Class Meeting 7: House System Practicum

Class Meeting 8: Chart Practicum

Class Meeting 9: Final Exam


Required materials:

The following required materials are NOT available through the IAA online shopping areas, but may be available elsewhere:

NAT-3 Deepening Planetary Delineation Course Book
The cost of this book ($36.00) is included in the registration fee, and the e-Course Book will be in Moodle for you.

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