DPL-1A: Introduction to Chinese Astrology I

Instructor: Jennifer Ng

Prerequisites: This course is open to the general public. This course is one of the electives an IAA Diploma Program student can choose to take to graduate. It can be taken in any order after the completion of NAT-7. If you are not an IAA Diploma Program student, you may also access this course with no homework, no exams, no credit.

This is the first of two courses offered in Chinese Astrology.

Course Objectives: By the end of this course, students will be able to

Identify the major systems of Chinese Astrology (inc. brief historical known time periods first developed)

Describe natal delineation using Four Pillars by applying: 

  • Wu Xing (5 Elements) and their relationships, 
  • Heavenly Stems Elements 
  • 12 Animal used in Four Pillars Chinese Astrology

Students will use their own natal birth data and 2 other example charts from previous NAT classes to apply delineations using Four Pillars as well as other example birth data.  Near the end of this course, students will be encouraged to compare their knowledge and understanding of Western chart delineation to the Four Pillar system.

Classes are held weekly.

Class Meeting 1: Introduction/Overview/Brief history (timelines); Mapping Sky (Review of Sidereal, Circumpolar, Equatorial – 5 Great Circles); Birthdate – Four Pillars

Class Meeting 2: Chinese Almanac, Basic Chinese Classical Characters pertaining to Four Pillars; 5 Elements Relationships – Generation and Control

Class Meeting 3: Animal Zodiacs and presence of Elements (Stems)

Class Meeting 4: Animal Zodiac Part 1: Animal Oppositions or “Enemies”; Animal Triplicities; Animal Squares & Grand-Squares

Class Meeting 5: Animal Zodiac Part 2: Incompatabilites; In Kind (Life Palaces); Table

Class Meeting 6: Four Pillars aka Ba’Zi; Practical Examples; Exceptions (like Bruce Lee’s 4 Pillars)

Class Meeting 7: Review and Final Exam

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