DPL-14: Mundane Astrology II

Prerequisites: Mundane Astrology I.

This course is open to the general public. IAA Diploma Program students are required to complete the Natal Studies Module before taking this course. This course is one of the electives for IAA Diploma Program students to graduate.

If you are not an IAA Diploma Program student you need a thorough understanding of natal astrology. You may also access this course (no homework, no exams, no credit) at a lesser price.

Course Description: These are the last six classes of the 12-week-long course which begins in Mundane Astrology I.

Classes are held weekly.

Class Meeting 1: Kings and Queens, National-Country Charts and Working with Selected Charts

Class Meeting 2: Reviewing and Refining Working Techniques

Class Meeting 3: Eclipses, Fixed Stars, and Comets, Astro*Carto*Graphy

Class Meeting 4: Weather, Markets, and Commodities

Class Meeting 5: Reviewing and Refining Working Techniques; Solar Returns

Class Meeting 6: Chart Practicum: Demonstrating Selected Techniques

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